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Our Mission

Our express goal is to give the right of literacy to all island learners who struggle  with language and literacy by establishing the necessary foundation skills and cultivating critical thinking. Literacy provides a person access to what the world has to offer so they can fulfill their personal dreams both socially and academically  and improve their opportunities for lifelong success.


To achieve our goals, we provide evidence-based assessment and intervention for all ages:

  • Screen for preschoolers to ensure early identification/intervention before kindergarten

  • Target youth currently identified as 'at-risk' and those who are currently under-achieving or failing and provide comprehensive spoken-literate language evaluations to uncover contributing factors

  • Utilize scientifically based learning methods when treating students who are below grade level proficiency in reading & writing

  • Help develop their active learning strategies for navigating classroom interaction, reading, writing and critical thinking 

  • Develop each student's sense of being a 'learning activist' so as to encourage positive relationships with teachers, friends and classmates and to maximize learning potential

  • Close the gap between their present level of performance and their innate ability 

  • Provide pre and post-testing for each participant to monitor progress

  • Collaborate with family, pediatricians, mental health professionals, teachers and tutors to achieve our goals.

Language Literacy Ladder!