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Comprehensive Assessment Process

          As a professionally trained speech-language pathologist, Ms. Steinbock's recognized expertise in reading and writing as well as oral language, provides the opportunity for comprehensive assessment oral language and literate language. Assessment tools are determined for each client and diagnostics measures are carefully chosen for each individual's needs.

All evaluations and treatments are scientific, evidence-based methods.

Elements include:

  • Careful attention to each individual client’s history, concerns, and objectives

  • Appropriate standardized and informal measures to best identify strengths and weaknesses are chosen for each client

  • Thoughtful analysis that also considers how a client arrives at an answer and examination of all of the collected data in order to make accurate diagnoses and to determine an effective evidence-based 'plan of action' for intervention

  • Materials which reflect specialization in Orton-Gillingham principles and best practices for reading and writing intervention are determined for each client and specific intervention recommendations and techniques are provided
  • A detailed written report is provided and discussed face-to-face with parents/guardians and clients (as appropriate). Telephone conferences are available to collaborating professionals