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Speech-Language Pathologist

Literacy and EL Specialist

Edgartown, Massachusetts

Co-Founder of Martha's Vineyard Language & Literacy Project
Director of Inglese Dinamico / Project Creator and Teacher, Venice, Italy
President of Partnerships for Learning and Teaching (PLAT), Non-profit , Venice, Italy

 Nancy Rose Steinbock M.A., CCC-SLP is the co-founder and Clinical Director of the project. She received her first degree (B.A.) in English with an emphasis in British and American Literature.  Her second degree in Speech/Language Pathology (M.A.) was obtained at Hunter College in New York City . In addition, she studied at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (4 years of doctoral study) with leading researchers and teachers in the areas of language acquisition, speech and language disorders, including diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia. She has over four decades of experience in clinical settings and private practice.

As a therapist and diagnostician, she specializes in speaking, reading and writing disorders in school-aged children. Her expertise extends to diagnosis and treatment of at-risk preschool children. She is specialized in identifying and treating difficult to diagnose students who are experiencing social and academic difficulties as well as secondary problems, in regular classroom settings.  She is a champion of early diagnosis and treatment of language disorders in preschool children to prevent academic failure.

From 2003 to 2017, she lived in Italy.  Her program, Inglese Dinamico, received funding to provide experimental projects based upon her EL ‘language intervention' techniques. She has written articles on applying her techniques to students from preschool through adulthood. She consults on and develops bilingual education curriculum and has presented her work at national and international conferences in France, Spain and Italy.  She provides teacher-training in best teaching practices, effective materials and methodology for classroom teaching and importantly, dyslexia (awareness, understanding and treatment in the classroom) for teachers from preschool through secondary levels.

Currently, she is in private practice on Martha's Vineyard, MA where she provides speech-language diagnostic and intervention services  for challenged learners. She collaborated with Cape Cod Child Development, treating very young children. She is working with the Brazilian community on Martha's Vineyard to develop quality intervention and teaching for language and literacy for children and adults. She is committed to promoting language competency and literacy for all learners through the on-island project, Martha's Vineyard Language and Literacy Project.

Lori Scanlon is co-founder of the Project. Her desire to create an independent resource for parents and their children arises from her personal experience as a mother of two children with learning disabilities and the harm caused by unresolved reading failure. She is now a parent advocate and mentor for families, helping them to navigate the special education system and understanding that school services may be inadequate for a significant percentage of students. 

To understand more fully what her children have experienced and to be a stronger advocate for them, Lori has become well-educated in the area of dyslexia and the problems, social and academic, that frequently arise from inadequate reading ability. She has observed the shame and humiliation that children feel as their reading problems affect their school performance. She understands well how the loss of self-esteem can lead to anxiety and behavioral issues – in effect, lead kids to eventually ‘check out’ of the learning process.

Lori believes that island families need an alternative option when school programs are not effective and their children fail to make meaningful progress. She believes that parents should have access to affordable, quality assessments and evidence-based interventions on island. Mostly, she believes that no parent should feel intimidated, helpless or alone on the path to finding help for their child. She has a decade of experience dealing with the IEP process and while she is not a certified education advocate, her years of personal experience advocating for her own children, and helping parents all over the country, makes her a valuable resource for other parents.  She is happy to help any parent who needs support & guidance. 

Sally Grimes, Ed.M.

Founder of The Grimes Reading Institute of Rockport, MA

and Co-founder of The Martha's Vineyard Language and Literacy Project

Sally has provided consulting and professional development services educators and administrators for Pre-K through fourth grade for more than 15 years. Prior to this, she served as a teacher for Pre-Kindergarten through graduate school levels, and served as Landmark School's™ first admissions director. She has performed clinical diagnostic work, policy development, public service, and served on the local school board.

Sally had the pleasure of serving on the Governor's Commission on School Readiness™, and on the Massachusetts State Literacy Planning Team™. She was recently selected to be a trainer of trainers as part of a master cadre for the country's first early childhood dual language learner initiative that Massachusetts is launching in collaboration the Wisconsin-based WIDA™.

Sally Grimes was awarded a master's degree in reading and human development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She earned a bachelor's degree in special education and elementary education in the honors program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. (Courtesy of www.grimesreadinginstitute.org)