Learning Activism and Dignity

Learning Activism and Dignity

   Using English for multiple purposes is essential in our programs.  This fosters a deeper understanding of the language in use, the fact that there are multiple "Englishes" and that authentic use of acceptable English ranges from vernacular to elegant spoken and written languages and these forms are promoted and utilized in context. English is connected to other languages, for example Latin and Greek, that have influenced meaning, especially for higher-level vocabulary. Providing a relaxed environment to grow strong group bonds characterizes our learning laboratories. We emphasize dignity in speech and action towards others.


We are committed to working within the complex community on-island to decrease bullying and to improve each learner's positive sense of self that extends to peers. We nurture inclusive 'learning activists' who utilize our multi-media approach - novels,  films, documentaries and conversation - to develop strong social interactive skills, and problem-solving to improve discussion and writing abilities by utilizing the following elements of strategic thinking:





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