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Dyslexia and Speech & Language Development


​          "Dyslexia" is an oral-written language learning disability that is associated with language deficits from early childhood.  Typically, a primary source of the problems is related to deficits in phonology (the sound structure of a language) and phonemic awareness (the individual awareness of sounds in speech and words). Problems with meaning elements (morphology) as well as speech-to-print (phonics) difficulties are often present.​

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  The development of a strong spoken language foundation – phonology, vocabulary, grammar – is essential for learning to read and to write. Being competent in oral and written language is crucial for social and academic success. We also know that competent social and academic skills are important for positive self-esteem and for developing individuals who are better prepared to navigate the challenges of family, school and workplace cultures.


  • Reading and writing difficulties occur when a child demonstrates phonological difficulties 

  • Related issues can be present, such as  learning to decode print and reading comprehension problems

  • In early childhood, children with phonological problems are often slow to develop speech and language

  • A child may make multiple speech errors and have problems with word-finding, grammatical forms and following the ‘flow’ of conversation

  • These problems are not related to intelligence but to differences in how our brains process linguistic information

Services are provided in small groups of 2 students in 1.5 hour sessions, 2 x a week to address each student's needs with specific individualized strategies. The setting is highly interactive to cultivate mutual learning and hands-on intervention that is pencil to paper based to ensure multi-sensory learning.

Private one-to-one therapy sessions can be organized for those students who require more intense intervention or support. Weekend services and summer programs available.


We are committed to making services accessible to all families and individuals in need.

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