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The work of Martha's Vineyard Language & Literacy Project is dependent upon the presence of many individuals and entities that support us in our endeavor to improve the communicative quality of life for the people we serve.  We would like to thank the assistance that has been provided to us:


Our Advisory Panel whose members are among the most respected people in their fields and who provide the depth of theory and practice necessary to our work.


The Tower Foundation for providing a grant to obtain materials to provide the assessment tools necessary for meaningful identification and intervention for those who seek our services. We are grateful for the gift from the Foundation to be able to collaborate with international volunteers from The CatchaFire Foundation whose contributions are strengthening our outreach.  They include the following individuals:

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Johnson David

Johnson David is our Website visual designer.

Before joining the Martha's Vineyard Language Literacy Project, he studied User experience and User interface where he dove headfirst into the intricacies of empathy and psychology in design. He is interested in how visual design interacts with speech and language skills as we react to, reflect upon and respond to ideas.

Johnson David conducts our website design from Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently in his third year of studies in architecture and building technology at the University of Lagos.

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